Home Page for Drumming Drummers

No doubt, you either are or you want to be a drummer drumming! Bookmark this page because that’s what we’re going to do.

There are many free drum lessons available on the web. Visit each one of them. Use them all…Then use your bookmark and come back here to get the foundation you need to be a first class drummer.

My mission here at drummerdrumming.com is to introduce you to some very fun ways to learn to play the drumset. If you are the very BEGINNING BEGINNER here is an excellent place to start to learn how to play. If you have been playing drums a while this method can enable you to improve your playing dramatically.

I will introduce you to the “Four Way Independent Coordination Concepts” method of drumming. As you are learning some very basic beats, techniques for playing the drumset and some fundamental exercises all over the web…remember drummerdrumming.com because you will want to use these basic methods and the exercises from my basic method book: “Drummer Drumming, Rock Beats, Reading, Stick Control For The Beginner” (Soon to be available on this site).

I have been playing drums professionally for over fifty years and have been teaching well over twenty-five of those years.  As time marches on I look forward to getting to “meet” you, in whatever ways that will work out.

I was recently thinking that as we develop our drumming skills we also develop a fine sense of rhythm, meter and what makes the most appealing groove and pulse, rolls and beats, to drive our favorite music. We begin to think more like a drummer thinks every day with every experience we have.

I can clearly state: Drummers think like drummers and that really does sets us apart. I don’t want to come off like some kind of “instrument” or “music” bigot but I do want to share my opinion that other musicians, those that hone their excellence on other instruments think about the action of music in a particular way relative to their primary instrument (of course, doesn’t that just make sense.) and do not really think like drummers and, really, who would want them to. Everyone has a unique roll to play in putting a piece of music together and so, as The Bible says: “if all were ears where would the seeing be” (Very loosely translated. Perhaps I will actually look that verse up to get it right. We shall see… hahaha). Just remember, my point is that we are each unique and training ourselves to be a “part of the whole” and that the sum of the parts is (usually, almost always) greater than the individual contribution. Saying that; Let’s go out there and bang’m up, set that pulse, drive that tune, place that incredible roll and make your rhythmic mark, your unique signature in the world of music.

Later on for more drumming thoughts. Drummers keep Drumming.